Are there different types of headaches?

Headaches Diamond Creek are considered something extremely casual these days because of the stress and tension that almost all of us go through. However, this might not always be the case. The point is simple; while there are certain types of headaches which occur temporarily and for which there is no need to go see a doctor, there are also some specific headache which shouldn’t be taken lightly. And yes, there are different types of headaches which you might face in different situations; if you sre suffering it is always best to consult an osteo clinic near Hurstbridge. Just to give you a basic understanding of how headaches vary, here are three major types to ponder your mind upon:

  1. Migraines: most of us are aware of the word but not the phenomena. Hence, we might not even realize that we are experiencing migraine and might just take it as a temporary headache. Migraines occur when you experience throbbing pain in one specific part of your head. It also increases the sensitiveness in a person with regards to sound, light and aroma. You may also feel nausea. Some of the major causes behind this illness are identified as stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, irregular sleep schedule, and some others. While migraines can be treated by taking medication, it completely depends on the frequency of the pain that you are experiencing. Some can easily get away by having lighter dose while some need specific medication. It is thereby advisable to go see your osteopath Eltham and discuss your condition with them in order to treat it as soon as possible.
  2. Menstrual Headaches: this specific kind of headache is experienced by women on different stages of their lives due to hormonal changes. While the symptoms and treatment might be similar to migraines, it is significant to know when you might experience it due to menstrual cycles. Some of the time periods when this type of headache may occur can be listed as:
  • Before or at the time of periods.
  • During menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • By the use of oral contraceptives.

It is advised to consult your doctor if you feel that the pain is becoming permanent rather than just happening during these cycles.

  1. Caffeine Related: we may think that we are addicted to caffeine and that its intake gives us satisfaction and pleasure, but this is not true in all situations. There are many scenarios in which people experience headaches due to the intake of caffeine or particularly coffee. For e.g. heavy consumption of caffeine which is more than 400 mg (or 4 cups of coffee) can lead to headaches. While the issue is a pressing one, the solution is as simple as withdrawing from it or reducing its use.

The above three headaches are just examples used to describe that how thee can be variations in the types of headaches. There are various other kinds, some of them can be named as: medication overdose headache, stress/tension headaches, head injury, headache caused by hang over, sinus, cluster headaches and the list can go on, seek help of an Osteopath Diamond Creek if they continue.